Call of duty vanguard

Call of duty vanguard how to have perfect flicks!

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Call of duty vanguard how to have perfect flicks!

check out ron rambo kim video on perfect flicks!

mouse settings:
sensitivity 2.7
monitor coeffect 0
mouse dpi 800

battlefield settings:
sensitivity 8%

controller settings:
Sensitivity 6/6
Ads Sensitivity .85
stick layout default

Stream pc – Intel i5 4590 3.5GHz
Ram – 16Gb
Graphics Card – Gtx 2060
Capture card – Elgato hd60

Gaming Pc
Ryzen 5900x 5 GHz
Graphics card – Rtx 3070 8gb
Ram – 16Gb 3600

Microphone: Blue Yeti usb
Capture Card – Elgato hd60s
Mouse: Logitech g502 and gpro wireless


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  1. From watching some of your past videos, have you ever looked into people using emulators? Like Xim, Zen, Titan2, ioGear? People plug MnK into to gain aim assist and get it close to native MnK. I'm amazed how mnay people are doing this on console, but now a lot of PC players are doing it as well.

  2. Dude… how do you move your arm / reset your mouse so fluidly like that? I just can’t make it happen… can you make a vid breaking down your arm / wrist movements as you are flicking around? Would love to practice that I’m so much clunkier

  3. i was playing on 2.0 3200dpi, always been a high sense player, maybe that’s why i get outgunned here and there, thanks man

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