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  1. It’s definitely for Security Breach, either she’s Vanessa's therapist ( which is most likely) or someone's else like William’s or Michael’s.

  2. I have a good theory: Gregory will have ptsd because of his past troubles getting trapped in the mall witch would give a reason for him needing therapy

  3. There is that old project was announced for fnaf by scott years ago called into madness what if that wasnt help wanted

  4. It’s really strange. I feel like it might end up being William Afton’s origins, but that’s also what I’m hoping for the most, so maybe I don’t have much proof of it just yet.

  5. "i don't see why else gregory would be at the pizzaplex" …because it's a children's establishment and he's a child?

  6. I personally think it’s for Into Madness. Think about it;
    Scott talks about a game he wanted to make years ago but doesn’t provide any further info. Now, at the point where he’s going full speed ahead, The Therapist is being voice acted. If you were going mad, you’d see a therapist, right? Like Joker.

    Whatever it is, she’s probably pretty relevant to whatever story she’s a part of

  7. I just don’t think that the dream theory is the right route to go with this series, especially after all that’s happened and the lore that has been put into this series. I just wouldn’t like it. And I’m sure a lot of others wouldn’t either

  8. Well, since SB is a re-imagining of fnaf, not in the original timeline. I think the art is literally that universes fnaf4.

    Also, screw Gregory, I still want to know who Gabriel is, lol

  9. 0:22 , my thoughts were taken back to when the original voice actors got their script from Scott for sl and it wasn't what the actual characters were. For example I think ballora was just a "creepy doll". So maybe there was something similar going on here where this is just their way of getting the voice they wanted without revealing too much and penny didn't happen to know that so she just posted her roll as a therapist

  10. they cant even come out with 1 game ….i doubt it XD and hey lets say im wrong like … not a person to just bash something and not think about it lets say very much so, that im 100% wrong and this is a side game ……a real game XD …….wouldnt that go against the i.p and how if they solve anything at all no one would buy the first game ? first thumbs down, and not because of your passion or anything your a fine person XD …..but i highly doubt there capable of salvaging this franchise. i guess ill find out in a month XD ill GLADLY eat my own words if its true. but i dont see them being that smart

  11. I feel like it could be, Mike/Micheal, Young William Afton, and then maybe Gregory. I do wonder if it's into madness. It's Scott of course the idea still exists. I don't think it will be crying child.

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