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This EASY Glitch is Ruining COD Vanguard's Multiplayer ?‍♂️

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Today we take a look at one of the simplest “glitches” within Call of Duty Vanguard, a glitch that’s affected each and every one of us daily since launch
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First Glitch Example from xcal:
Immune Glitch:

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  1. HELLO NOTIFICATION SQUAD! Be sure to leave a like if you enjoy the video – here's hoping SHG fixes this bug asap

  2. Bro ? I turn 29 tomorrow….. That means we are 1 year and 1 day apart. Didn't know that after all these years. Been awhile since I've seen you pop up on YT. Miss your videos!

  3. Very very much noticing it. Anyone that uses a riot shield on their back is scum. Was so good when the game first released the shield didn’t protect you on your back.

  4. The shield is literally better on the back than in your hands. Im currently getting it gold and it's awful. It also has the same bugs it had in MW2019

  5. This man drops complaint videos day on day about this game yet has one of the highest camos unlocked for the dp ?

  6. Hey happy birthday I didn’t know about the shield in this exactly because I made a class where I was gonna have a shotgun and a shield and I have come across the problem glitch I thought they were just modding

  7. The graphics look fresh and clear but
    its like a dying fest full of bombing , glitches ,
    game dropping signal . ill play it for the weekend
    but i can't purchase this mess of a game . Ill just
    buy cold war .

  8. That KD bug makes so much sense. I'm dropping 200 kill games and my KD doesn't even move. It's pretty frustrating. I feel like I'm better at this CoD than I haven been at MW19 and Cold War, but my KD is lower.

  9. The moment they bring balancing to the guns is the day the game becomes bland and everything will become week and barely useable I like how guns are op makes it fun and yes annoying at times but ayy I’d rather quick kill times then loads of hitmarkers

  10. Free weekend if you don’t have it and play Warzone , now is the time to get your guns up for the new maps release

  11. and i thought my aim was bad and also i know now why people are running with Riot Shield such a bruh moment. and also good video

  12. Welcome to the 30s man. This year I switched over myself. Playing all the cods thruout the years and seeing myself not even play them anymore is kinda sad due to how many hours I used to put in playing the older ones

  13. my first game of shipment halfway thru my ps5 said the lan cable was suddenly not connected and i got kicked. didnt happen for like an entire week of playing it before. also after an update it bricked my ps5 shut it completely off

  14. This happened to me yesterday. Not sure I it got activated but players couldn’t kill me, I couldn’t kill them, and I couldn’t capture the hard point. It’s like players could see me but I pretty much was a ghost. The post game comments were pretty funny. Pretty much just followed enemy players around….

  15. Shield does nothing when in front tho ? and friendly fire is increasingly frustrating! And the stickers are dumb and pissing me off even tho they aren’t important!!!!

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