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This game is a throwback shooter | Splitgate News | Splitgate ps4 gameplay | Day #1 highlights

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Some highlights from my first ever Splitgate PS4 gameplay. Also bringing you some Splitgate “news” as I’m super excited about this game. Didn’t upload the very very first games as they were super easy.

Time Stamps
Intro: 00:00
Halo comparisons: 00:58
Major funding for Splitgate: 02:17
Assault Rifle/Carbine killstreaks begin: 05:05
Addressing bots: 07:03
Shotty + Sniper killstreak begins: 07:55
Monster scope: 09:58
Last game: 10:30


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  1. Uploaded some of the better games from my first day playing. The first set of matches were a bot fest. These ones were a bit more competitive. Also disclaimer, I haven't learned how to properly use portals and I also had an issue telling legit kills and from assists XD Anyway hope you guys enjoy!

  2. You can jump through any fully connected portal. (Friendly or enemy)Center will always be pitch black or look like a full portal not a trippy mirror

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