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Top 5 Best Hardcore Guns & Setups in Vanguard!

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Hardcore mode in Vanguard is playing a little different than the past several years due to the abundance of guns that require more than one shot to kill so in today’s video, I wanted to help out the Hardcore community a bit by sharing 5 amazing guns and setups to use in Hardcore modes. Are there any guns you would add to this list?



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  1. Does the hollow rounds make a big difference to the volk? Currently lvling it feel like I still get outgunned 🙁

  2. G-43 through walls is one shot basically. Regardless 1 shot anywhere on the map. You just have to be accurate. I feel like the MP-40 is a hit marker machine, maybe I just need better attachments.

  3. Great video! Does the Perfectionist Proficiency ( +2 Recoil/ -2 flinch) apply in hardcore? I assume it doesnt but if it does then does it make a big difference?

  4. Thanks for the hardcore gun guide. Also wondering if you could do a settings video on hardcore mode. I have been noticing I’m off target to the right or left. Also aim response curve standard or dynamic. Some times I feel like dynamic slows me down to much and I feel I lose some gun fights because of it.

  5. Okay so lengthened or hollow point? Lengthened always shows a nice big upgrade sure….. hollow point shoes a negative….. buttt has hidden stats right? Because the increased limb damage? which effectively makes it the better option to go with over lengthened?

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