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VANGUARD: TOP 10 BEST CLASS SETUPS To Use! (COD Vanguard Best Weapons)

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These are the TOP 10 BEST CLASS SETUPS in Call of Duty VANGUARD!
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In this video, we’re breaking down the TOP 10 BEST CLASS SETUPS to run in Call of Duty VANGUARD! We’ve now had some time to figure out what the Best Attachment and Best Weapons are in COD VANGUARD, and now we can easily depict which Weapons and Class Setups are the best in the current META! These are the Best Class Setups for VANGUARD!

0:00 – Intro & Type 100 Best Class Setup
3:55 – Volk Best Class Setup
5:58 – Combat Shotgun Best Class Setup
7:53 – Gracey Auto Best Class Setup
9:17 – M1928 Best Class Setup
10:59 – Automaton Best Class Setup
12:24 – BAR Best Class Setup
13:44 – STG Best Class Setup
14:50 – MP40 Best Class Setup
16:08 – MG42 Best Class Setup
17:36 – Best Perks & Equipment

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  1. I hope they keep the guns the same when Shipment drops tomorrow. I got two more shotties left to level up they are shit on bigger maps

  2. Attachment potential in this game is insane and keeps me coming back, hope they do this more with future cod’s, with balance of course

  3. Last 3 recent cod games we have gotten a weapon from the MG family, someone has GOT to have a hard on for this thing

  4. Can you go over the worst guns in the game, I want to hear your reactions to trying to level up that one LMG that has the crazy iron sights off to the side, lol

  5. quick question , im useing assault rifle xm4 with mod , but when im shooting it keeps moveing upwards , it wont fire straight , how do i fit this , is it in my attachmets

  6. Hey so irrelevant to this video but I noticed if you have some camos not tracking it’s because you are using a camo on your weapon in that category. Particularly the weapon specific challenges

  7. so i wanted to have fun and do a gun that wasnt mp 40 so i got gold first on the sten and quickly realized its ass

  8. I've been using the anti-material rounds on the MG42 and that thing will literally delete players from across the map. I use the third barrel as well and its laser accurate!

  9. There are so many good guns in vanguard different metas to use no only one certain gun so that’s pretty nice and now with the combat shotgun nerf and the others gives a better chance against those guns

  10. My favorite so far is STG44, automaton, mp40, m1928,ppsh41,Bar,mg42,and kar98 so far oh the type100 also there's few weapons that could be great if they receive a little attention from shg it would make them good but attachments definitely make certain weapons hopefully floor loot in new warzone map is stg, mp40, and few others

  11. So I just started leveling up the volk but I don't even have an option for any barrel in fact options for muzzle , optic , stock , magazines, ammo type and rear grip

  12. Genuine question but at 9 mins 20 when you review the M1928 why does it say weapon level 1 in the top right? All the others are maxed out at 70.

  13. I’m an old man and don’t have the time to learn or the fast reflexes of you kids. Having channels like this helps a lot!

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