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Xbox Cloud Gaming News: Halo Infinite Multiplayer & 33 games Get FPS Boost!

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Quick Xbox Cloud Gaming news update folks. Halo Infinite Multiplayer is going live very soon in the cloud and 33 titles have gotten an FPS Boost!

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Intro 00:00
Halo Infinite Multiplayer 00:13
FPS Boost 00:40
Final Thoughts 01:44

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  1. Hopefully I get to playing my Game Pass soon miss playing them…. Need faster internet the p.ace I'm in now internet is super slow…..

  2. I’ll just make a new Microsoft account to take advantage of the 6 free months of Xbox game pass
    Edit:like seriously would you rather pay for multiplayer even tho they say it’s free which it’s not cos in order to play multiplayer games U must need Xbox gold membership subscription or just pay 15 box a month for Xbox game pass últimate to get fully access to the game available since release/launch in day 1, including Xbox gold membership and Xcloud

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