Call of duty vanguard

328 Kills on SHIPMENT (Call of Duty Vanguard Gameplay)

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328 Kills on SHIPMENT (Call of Duty: Vanguard Multiplayer Gameplay) I play on the PS5 (Playstation 5) Worlds Most Kills in Vanguard

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  1. People like u are ruining the gaming industry. How scummy do u have to be to just spam the shotgun. No skill, get off the game

  2. Don't waste your money on another cod. Or they will keep pimping this bullshit out. They lost it after black ops 3 which had everything awsome in it. There weining you off the goodness. Every game after has been the same ass with little change. Actually it seems like there aiming for fortnite fans. Cod is ass now, and you know its true. why because you can buy this bullshit then buy the new one two months later. There is no attacability.where as black ops 3 you had to earn wepons from mystery box which was great in its self, you know you liked the ajax. Or you hated everyone who had one when you didnt. You could control the torrants and land wepons. man, this sucks why won't they make another like it, ask your self that. Don't buy any new games or merch it will be a waste. Cod is ass now don't fall for the hype sheep. Make them work for us again. They have lesson quality because you allow it.

  3. bro I cant tell you the amount of times I got in with a mf on shipment that just jumps and shoots his shotgun everywhere

  4. I don’t get how people turn their life into the game????gawd damn the game jus came out how u got the last camp already

  5. He’s not even having fun…Just being a bot with a shotgun?that’s what sad with most ppl that can’t play the game without a shotgun to make themselves feel good cuz they can’t get those kills with a regular gun ?bums

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