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Destiny 2: NEWS UPDATES & FUTURE CHANGES! Year 5 Gambit, Game Pass Removal, Building Savathun & More

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Destiny 2: Loot Fixes, FUTURE Updates, Year 5 Gambit, Game Pass DLC Removal, Ability TWAB Teasers, Building Savathun & MORE! (Destiny 2 Season of The Lost)
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  1. I was thinking about quiting destiny but Bungie removing dlcs from gamepass makes the decision for me good bye to a game I've wasted years on and hello to healthier life choices

  2. Game pass removal is BULLshit. Why the fuck did they even put beyond light on it if they’re gonna remove it at the next expansion. Greedy fucking bungle ?

  3. Weird how it’s funny for hunters to get nerfed when excluding stasis they’re by far the worst class in pve and pvp. Shatterdive needs a nerf, don’t get me wrong, but it’s literally the only good thing hunters have.

  4. Hey, so just to mention about DLC abilities, from somebody who's always had DLC game shared to them.

    No. You will not lose access to stasis. Yes, you can still do some of the dlc quests, if you're already in the middle of them or it has multiple quests to go alongside it. You'll only have to purchase it if you attempt new quests or raids you can't normally access.

  5. Double loot should be next week since those idiots over at Bungie decided in their infinite wisdom to remove to selectable gms. NOBODY wants to grind Hollowed Lair for loot.

  6. Ummm no…FUCK Gambit remove that stupid shit and quit wasting dev time and money on that trash. Do Iron Banner, something that MANY more people play and enjoy regularly.

  7. So the xbox game pass players playing on console gets to enjoy D2 with expansions free for a year but the xbox game pass for pc players only get 2 months worth? bruh

  8. Well time to fully drop d2 I'm not paying for any more dlcs cause honestly they're milking everyone's money putting it on gamepass was amazing but now the fact that I HAVE TO BUY IT JUST TO LOG ON JUST CAUSE I HAD STASIS EQUIPED is fucking stupid so oh well they lost a loyal player been playing since alpha d1 ?

  9. Thanks for the information you have a blessed Soul have a blessed day and blessed life doing what you love and thanks for all you do for us

  10. Yo I’m so sick of Crossplay. Is there a way on Xbox to DISABLE Crossplay? I’m fed up matching non Xbox players in ANY PvP or PVE activity

  11. Ah so the only reason I play destiny is leaving game pass which would end up requiring me to not only buy the upcoming dlcs but all the current ones at the same time lol glad I didn't preorder

  12. Been years for pvp maps gambit maps or updates… wonder why they don't have anyone working on the core Playlists . Must be to busy making content for eververse

  13. Everyone is happy about everything else and I'm here just "man, they are going to remove the expansions from gamepass :(".

  14. So will I be unable to use my Stasis subclass and exotics from Beyond Light when it gets removed from GamePass?

  15. Great, nice to see that Bungie is somehow more money grubbing than when I quit a few months ago. Quitting this game has honestly been an amazing decision.

  16. Game-Pass was one of the reasons i returned to Destiny2, revoking it will be the reason i will leave!
    I have collected, amassed and used so much exotic loot on behalf of those expansions and to say i can not use them further without buying a $80 legendary BS edition is a slap in the face on returning and loyal gamers / customers. As i already own these expansions on PS4 i should not have to re-buy the for Xbox. Just make the changes of the plattform and be done with it. It's a live service and locked to my account!
    All it takes is a push of a button!
    Bungie has become a rental service with some guarantees of exotic loot, don't know where or when it drops though.
    But you have rented space in a vault to keep them safe when they eventually drop.
    If you do not own Forsaken, Shadowkeep, Beyond light and are on Game – Pass you can kiss those exotics goodbye until you show Bungie your credit card!

    Not going to happen.

    Shame players can not gift or donate exotics / gear that is going to get deleted when many people will clean out their vaults and closets returning to Halo this year!

    But Bungie made one thing right, HALO, thanks for that game Bungie, from the bottom of my heart!
    Destiny has been watered down over and over that it's not worth my time nor money any more
    If you find any other genre / business / scene with such erratic and repetitive behaviour they would come rushing with a straight jacket and throw you in a padded cell!

  17. with the dlc is it just being effected only on game pass or if your bought it….cuz i bought the legendary edition and the beyond light dlc awhile back and want to know if im needing to re buy the some of the content once its removed?

  18. Bungie Just Needs To Remove Gambit And Crucilbe At This Point. It Just Proves That Bungie Can't Handle Multiple Modes.

  19. Damnn I literally was gonna spend money for a fucking ornament but there’s no point they taking out all the dlcs and now I can’t even use my guns this shit gets under my skin . Literally running away from apex and they just said fuck you go back ? enough said

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