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POKEMON NEWS & LEAKS | More Pokemon Games in 2022 & Legends Arceus Riddles!?

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POKEMON NEWS & LEAKS | More Pokemon Games in 2022 & Legends Arceus Riddles!?

Today we take a look at some new pokemon news and pokemon leaks, for pokemon legends arceus riddles. Aswell as about new pokemon games in 2022.

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  1. Tornadus and the other Genies are for #3
    Basically stating the 4 forces of nature in Chinese lore.

    Basically stating that there will be a 4th Weather Genie,
    seeing as the Turtle/snake is the north.
    it represents Winter and Cold,

    maybe a Ice/Flying Genie?

    Speaking of all those names for the forces of nature,

    if you ever watched Yu Yu Hakusho, those are the names for the 4 saint beasts,
    which represents different forces of nature,

  2. Bdsp getting leaked is not a big deal for them because a 15 year old game being leaked is not much of a big deal. Everyone knows Gen 4.

  3. Well I rewatched diamond and pear tv show. I recalled that there are two different shellos. The show mention how there was one shellos and as mt cornet grew the two separated. Maybe they'll mention what color it was originally in Legends.

  4. The thing is: Gen 9 is never gonna be announced before Pokemon Day 2022. Only things thats can get announced are Pokemon Sleep or Pokemon Detective Pikachu 2.

  5. Still waiting for the day Ruffled Rowlit will actually brush his hair, but then again he wouldnt be very Ruffled i guess.

  6. Love your videos man but you gotta do something with ur camera bcus it blocks some stuff on the screen I’d like to see lol keep it up tho!

  7. I think that all this information is very interesting and I’m going with 50/50 wether these Leaks are real or not.

  8. what if in legends arceus
    we get a hisuan regigigas

    and it doesn't have slow start as an ability, cause its in the past so it's in its prime

  9. They not going to show any new games till Pokémon day or after January when legends release. So yeah I can see in 2 weeks they start focusing on legends but no new game till Pokémon day.

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