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This is Shipment But It's Not Shipment (Call of Duty Vanguard)

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Today Call of duty Vanguard got a new update with the new map shipment. However there is a bit of a twist. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. So they got a "shipment" remake but they forgot the fun…
    (Aka the chaos that could erupt on that map due to very tight close quaters and shit spawns which made for amazing corpselaunches! )

  2. Yes, they are good until they send in a mortar strike on your spawn and you literally cannot do anything the rest of the game.
    But on a positive note I love getting in that new hanging container and cross mapping people with the 50bmg bar lol

  3. The only people who say they like shipment are the same clowns running around with a shotgun and a riot shield lmao 🤡

  4. I was kinda weirded out by the new shipment and I did play mw2019 shipment a lot but now I love vanguard shipment

  5. cod is garbage. that 1st clip proves how dumb it is. it is too dumb to be able to jump out of the map & still be alive & beast on other player. Ink i also think thta you are bought by cod that you also have to say you support them so you are like them.

  6. Call of duty is like a ballsack, all the same just a different skin. They are really n clearly out of ideas for new map content

  7. The map (and game overall) are great, but the spawns are so insanely terrible, it ruins the game, if you play tdm or kill confirmed anyway

  8. Vanguard is the worst COD game to date. Why change Shipment?! It was perfect. Now enemies can be up, they can be down, they spawn right next to you, they spawn you with your back facing the guy that just killed you. Just like zombies, Vanguard is changing shit that is already tried and true, and the changes suck ass.

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