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After I complain about random videos… I do more random videos.
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  1. Bagel: this channel needs to focus on one thing

    Also bagel: *makes 30 minute video with trailer reactions, news updates, YouTube algorithm discussion, and channel update.

  2. YES!!! Plz play Pokémon on this channel!! I’d watch from start to finish. Especially BDSP Legends. These games have so much Lore!!!

  3. I watch a few channels that focus on upcoming game info, and it seems YouTube needs to do a much better job at understanding who to show these videos to. The info is very helpful, but YouTube analytics seem fairly narrow-minded and tunnel-visioned in how they view channels…

  4. Already planning on streaming both Pokemon Games on twitch as its kinda one of the big things I do but finding out all this info about the algorithm really helps. I would like to organize my youtube channel at some point and this gives me a lot of food for thought in that regards. Thank you Bagel

  5. the pokemon games will definitely mix up the bag with it's brand if you make videos on it. Also I started SW because of Pokemon so I'll be happy to watch you play some.

  6. Can you please do Genshin?
    I like genshin
    You like genshin
    Other companies like genshin and want to do genshin
    So Genshin.
    That's it.
    Have a good day

  7. I know you’ll great in whatever direction you choose to go, just please continue to post videos as long as you can. You are my comfort streamer, thank you for all your hard work.

  8. Hey bagel, yeah I think this first impression video is boring, mostly because when the game looks to be interesting you finalize the video…… so, i want jewbagel videos of magic the gathering!!!!

  9. Oh man, do I see Awaken Chaos Era being a main game for the Bagel??? you would pull some viewers I have no doubt there. Lets see this name change already!

  10. Youtube algorithm shows the worst of AI… it tries to be too clever and ends up being stupid. It's why so many YT videos are Meh. It should be trying to find me interesting NEW things to watch…. If I watch a lot of SW videos, that generally means I already know where to find them… or I need specific SW info that I will search for.

  11. This channel is really fun for me, however, if you want to focus on something specific, maybe keep the genshin content? Personally I'd like that and you said that you were really into it recently. I'm sure others would watch that as well, who knows, maybe poll it xD but i genuinely hope that you're gonna make whatever you want work <3

  12. fuk all the mobile games they copy each other looks same and boring to watch annnnnddddd heavy p2w shop.
    go tryout some nintendo switch/ps5 stuff better grafik and more fun to watch 🙂

  13. Loved this video. Loved how you went over some other stuff besides mobile would love to watch you a pokemon nuzlocke or something

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