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After The Fall – Good News | New PSVR 2 Game Announced | New VR Games & More | VR NEWS

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Welcome to VR News where we talking about new VR Games and all the biggest VR news stories (PC VR, Oculus Quest, Quest 2, PlayStation VR & HTC Vive Flow)!

00:04 – After the Fall – pre-orders – PCVR, PSVR, Quest 2
01:09 – Lucky’s Tale VR – out now – Quest 2
01:53 – Ultimechs – new upcoming VR game – PCVR
02:33 – Excorist Legion VR Sin – PCVR, PSVR 2 / NGVR, Quest 1 & 2
03:17 – Winds & Leaves – release date – PCVR
03:51 – Valut of Stars – release date – Quest 1 & 2
04:17 – CLash of Chefs – handtracking update – Quest 1 & 2
04:29 – Gardens of Babylon – Walkabout Mingolf update – PCVR, Quest 1 & 2
04:48 – Exorcist Legion VR Sin – PSVR 2 / NGVR info

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  1. Still gonna wait on reviews of after the fall. History has shown me after a few delays a game can be lackluster plus I want to wait on quest 2 review

  2. Surprised no one is talking about the 4 vs 4 online combat for after the fall! This was a huge surprise to me and I've been following this game since its been announced

  3. Flat games are ok and have their place. I like VR, but enough with all the gimmicky neon tropes and cartoony crap. I hope After the Fall is good, along with exorcist, but winds and leaves and platformers can take a hike

  4. Paul, random curiosity, have you ever tried doing VR from Linux? Not sure if you know but the Valve Index e Vive and Vive Pro (but not Vive 2) work there, also you can use Oculus Quest 2 with ALVR.

  5. Hey guys, I'm hoping someone can help. I'm on PCVR but have mates on PSVR so after the fall is a massive win for me. However they have reservations about how locomotion works with move controllers, basically because teleporting sucks! Does anyone know how locomotion is going to work in the game?

  6. Nice that it's aim controller support. There still aren't enough games available to justify the £60 I spent on it. Also the controller lasted 8 months of light use before not working without being plugged in. Disappointing quality for Sony. Let's hope PSVR2 delivers the VR experience and catalogue of games we hoped for with PSVR1.

    Thanks for the update, Paul. Please bring back the dramatic trumpet intro ? ?

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