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Big Update Arrives on Xbox Consoles | Another Triple-A Game Delayed | News Dose

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0:00 Intro

0:42 Halo Infinite Fast Start

2:39 Yakuza Studio Working on New Franchise

4:41 Cloud Gaming Comes to Xbox Consoles

7:48 Saints Row Delay

10:43 Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Reviews

12:57 Poll of the Day



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  1. Saint row looks like it's chasing the fortnite crowd. That makes me sad, not the game that I would hope for as a Saint row fan.

  2. I personally play pokemon to be a stress free romp, and Diamond and Pearl were my favorite games, (albeit due in part to novelties such as touch screen and gba integration.) There are a bunch of games out there that are challenging now, I'm fine with Pokemon staying easy.

  3. Saints Row saw how many games were coming out and backed out. Sifu, Horizon, Elden Ring, Dying light2 Rainbow 6, and GT7 are all released in 45 days of Saints Row. Fewer games released in August.

  4. XBox just went to a 50 million install base overnight….I've tried FH5 on a phone vja xCloud. It worked surprisingly well. Of course, you need a decent internet connection.

    Be helpful if the GP app measured the connection speed and quality and marked those games that might not be optimal.

    Saints Row being delayed is not surprising. February is PACKED with bigger games and taking the time to polish is a better excuse than running scared of Elden Ring. And it needed improvement anyway.

    Pity CoDV and BF2042 didn't make the same decision.

  5. Kinda disappointed how you made no comment on Halo Infinite’s flawed battle pass. Personally I think that’s the only damning flaw of the multiplayer, as it’s otherwise fantastic and just might even be better than all the previous games’. However, when it comes to the battle pass, it’s pretty much pay to progress.
    Never mind how a lot of the challenges are complicated and usually don’t offer more than 200 XP, the idea alone of progressing only via challenges is dumb and seems more to deter players towards emptying their wallets. Also, most of the free stuff is challenge swaps and there’s no currency to gain from the battle pass itself. It really needs improvement.
    Personally I’d say that getting 100 XP for completing a match and certain amounts for certain medals would be awesome.

  6. Hmm, strange you haven't reported that according to certain data, PS5 is outselling XSX/XSS by twice the amount. ?

  7. I could never play xcloud games because of the latency. Maybe it's because now I have an Ethernet compatible device, but the gameplay was incredibly smooth when I played Forza H4. Not as well for LOTR Shadow of War though. Those were both short tests

  8. BDSP is just a lazy, lowest possible effort cashin, as is basically the entire Pokémon franchise at this point. These will be the first ones I’m skipping, I’m sick of the fact that the most valuable media franchise on the planet gets mainline games that could have been done on the Gamecube graphically and still don’t have basic difficulty options or voice acting.

  9. FH5 mot being in the GOTY is just a slap in the face to gamers. This GOTY award show has always learned heavily towards PS.

  10. At least everyone in the industry will really know that FH5 was tragically dropped from the awards for unfair reason and should be top of a real players award. I know some people think a racing game lacks originality but gaming over the decades always has. Technical achievement, playability, sound design are all part of gaming and FH5 excels in most areas. It’s gaming at its purest.

  11. It's funny because the agency, Johnny's Entertainment, is like a Yakuza gang themselves. They control too much.

  12. I wish all games were delayed because we have entered a time where developers think its acceptable to release unfished buggy games then 4 month later add enough patches to make it playable by which time most people have had enough of the game and moved on to a new unfinished game developers should just not mention a release date until they definitely know its finished then say its coming in 2 week that way there's no delay and we get better quality games

  13. I honestly saints row got moved because look what's coming out in Feb around that time. A major expansion for destiny 2, elden ring and horizon forbidden West! Even if the game was good I'm afraid it would have been buried

  14. I think delays are good cyberpunk was so bad I know you're saying the laser good but it sounds like you're getting tired of them I'm all for it but I hope nobody is crunching

  15. Am all for praising Xbox but let's call them out first for what they let 343 do concerning the battlepass system

    Progression is awful and it's sorta forcing you to buy the premium pass if you want better looking armor and colour

  16. The Game Awards are an absolute joke, always have been always will be. The games the 'media' and 'games industry' vote for are way out of touch with the peoples votes.

  17. Honestly I completely skipped xbox last gen because they didn't have anything I wanted to play that I couldn't play on my PS4. However the game pass is easily the most consumer friendly gaming product ever and I can't praise Microsoft enough for it. I'll probably get a new console later next year but I'm heavily leaning towards getting xbox instead of playstation this time. Looking forward to see what new ip exclusives they release in the near future.

  18. It plays like its running natively if you are on an Ethernet connection. I have no plans to download any game as long as i can cloud stream it.

  19. I got to say after months of being subscribed, this is my favorite channel for games, get this dude more subscribers

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