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GeForce NOW News – 8 New Games – FREE Crysis Remastered & More

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GeForce NOW News Thursday Continues. 8 New Games this week. The Next Generation of GeForce NOW is here and now gamers who preordered the RTX 3080 Tier are going to get Crysis Remastered Free. New members ordering the priority and 308- tier will also get Crysis.
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  1. Hello GTP, Have you tried Insurgency Sandstorm on the RTX 3080 tier? I'm really interested in that game and the performance on that tier. It's on sale on steam 50% till November 22th

  2. What game play is that in the background that game looks really good is that crisis I've never played that series

  3. I must say I'm disappointed with the overall experience. I checked around and asked people's experience. Nvidia did say on their site that signing up for the 3080 did have a list. I asked around forums and a few people said they got instant access to the 3080 as well as getting the key for Crysis.

    I pulled the trigger and signed up for the 3080. I got an email from Nvidia saying that my wait would be about 3 weeks. Unacceptable.

    To make matters worse, I won't get my code for Crysis until then as well. At the moment I'm playing with the Free service and the cue is incredibly long. My average wait is about 3-10 minutes.
    I looked into joining just the Priority membership and it said I would have to wait several days for my game key. I'm sorry but the point of cloud gaming is to get rid of the wait. Nvidia has TONS and TONS of money and for them to have a lame launch, unprepared and making people wait is inexcusable.

    When I was playing on the free account I often found that I was playing a 206 tier gpu. Some other paying users also noticed that. Really Nvidia… a 2060? This is terrible. I say wait another year before you give them your money.

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