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The BEST Sniper in COD Vanguard.. (Type 99 V2 Rocket)

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The Type 99 is the BEST SNIPER in Vanguard. This is also the best class for the Type 99. This is by far my favorite sniper in the game atm, if it gets a fire rate buff its game over. Once u get the scope in animation down and know how to control the scope sway u can do some serious damage with this gun. As always, enjoy 😀


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YO my name is Luke / Scope and ive been creating content online since 2009. I love making videos on a whole bunch of video games, but i mainly upload Call of Duty. I’ve been playing Call of Duty since 2007 on COD4, and im passionate about using a sniper rifle very aggressively. I livestream every day on Twitch and love interacting with my chat. I joined FaZe Clan on 12/31/20 which was the best day of my life. There is nothing i love more than creating content on all social medias, and I appreciate anyone who checks that content out!


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  1. dude if u listen right as his nuke is beginning to drop it sounded like his throwing knife hit which is just mental

  2. If I don’t hit the enemy in the fucking frontal lobe this piece of shit doesn’t kill anything. Worst gun in the game by far for me

  3. Only the most skilled sniper mains the type 99(Arasaka) don't @ me lol

    Edit: if you don't know why I said that don't @ me either lmao

  4. "The gun kills in .500 a second, that is not okay"……Snipers have .460-.500 and kill in 1 shot. Im sure its fine.

  5. it's not a good sniper, it's a regular aim shot and aum bot. thats nothing. geac you have to know, but the thin will of the aimbot 🙂 👎

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