Call of duty vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard – Operator "Polina" Voicelines

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Voicelines of operator Polina Petrova of Task Force Shadow (S.O.T.F 005). She’s voiced by Laura Bailey
Intro 0:00
Multiplayer voicelines 0:52
Zombies voicelines 15:05


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  1. One of the most annoying operator to play with, literally every single hit that she take she say 2 different lines n she kept repeating them everytime she gets hit

  2. Laura Bailey's voice sounds too recognizable so making her do a cheesy ass Hollywood Russian accent makes it seem wayyy more jarring. Should've picked someone else tbh

  3. Lmfao how woke has CoD gone. We have an edge lord Mary Sue who can't go 5 minutes without making you cringe in the campaign. Fuck this dumpster fire lol

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