Call of duty vanguard

Call of Duty Vanguard Review – "No Standards, No Brains."

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  1. The awful spawn systems and the insidious engagement matchmaking are really ruining the fun of COD. Warzone is the golden goose for them and the MP experience will take the backseat for awhile unfortunately

  2. On point as ever! I think thats why Halo is so refreshing, longer times to kill, tactical team plays to win…one jump or incorrect sprint can be the be all or end all… cod would be better with plating system and make people actually have to play! But yeah for sure aimlessly buying and pre ordering games with these franchises has stopped for me….make a game that i will play in 2 years time and ill spend £60

  3. Your puzzle analogy was spot on! I wish more people could understand it, a lot of the time people only watch reviews to hear what they want and if they don’t hear it they automatically discredit your opinion. Keep up the good work ??

  4. I think black ops 4 had good pacing, and was very fun especially the game mode vanguard with the 150 health it extended the gunfights. Insurgency sandstorm has very gritty slower gameplay definitely better than cod

  5. Another great take on a generic modern game, For me watching ppl play vanguard I'm like wasn't we playing this Cod like 10 years ago due vanguard using like 10 of the old maps… but no the OG waw is a masterpiece in comparisent to this poop. The old maps played so well on the og cod, so many extended gunfights the ambience, the gore, the campaign (amazing). Can go on on.

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