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0:00 Permanent Cheat Bans
1:53 Far Cry 7?
2:59 Xbox, Halo MP, campaign impressions
4:19 small PlayStation update
5:56 Rockstar responds to GTA problems
6:42 more game delays
8:10 Activision Blizzard problems continue
9:10 trailers of the week and stuff
9:52 G4 returns

Halo Infinite multiplayer surprise launch, Rockstar responds to GTA trilogy problems, Activision leadership in hot water, a new Pokemon, and more in a week full of gaming news.




Cheaters permanent in CoD?

Far Cry 7

Halo Multiplayer live
Backwards compat stuff

Android remote play update

Delayed Capcom game

Saints Row
Sifu moved up

More Activision troubles


Project Awakening

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl

G4 returns


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  1. G4 will have to check that out. Always use to watch that channel. Olivia munn back in the day. Always remember the wonder women an the hot dog posters they had of her.

  2. It's so annoying when people cheat, like are u that bad at The game u have to cheat to be good at it, for example auto aim in multiplayer games


  4. all there doing is making broke cheaters not able to cheat and the rich will just keep on cheating… especially if you know how not to get caught. its not a fix and honestly its making the hacking sites even more bread bc this isnt a solution just another dumb road block.

  5. What are you talking about? Cheaters are actually the future of gaming, they are growing exponentially every day, the future speaks it will be the day where looking at someone playing with his own hands is going to be something really weird.

  6. As if EA is scummy enough to ban anyone that would still pay 70$ for a steam version of black ops 2…. Oh wait EA is that scummy

  7. Shaggy shirtless is hot! If it was Velma, you'd all be salivating. Let the gays and girls have something to look at too.

  8. Ban 30 days, 60 days and 90 days when caught cheating. Then kicked off server permanently and each call of duty tied with email account or a secondary verification log in.

  9. you can pick your maps, you can pick to shoot your friends or whoever, you shouldn't be allowed to pick cheats or download 3rd party programs and ruin the experience for everyone. I'm for a Hard Crackdown on Cheating. Question is how will they stop people from making fake new accounts are they going to target IP?

  10. not gonna happen those cheaters actually paying alot more than a regular user they get ban they have to buy game again to play that's why valve never fixed csgo cheating problem

  11. What about the people who don't have a good pc. To play it minimum smoothly. I think they are also one of the cheaters.
    They wish to win sometime. This is bad Also if the account have multiple cod purchased then by this decision Activision becoming a Thief

  12. if they can really lock a player on one account (like how you only have one national ID and having another one should be illegal)
    so you can track cheaters. Cheaters mostly aren't afraid because: 1. people don't know them in real life 2. it's because you can create another account after being banned.

    this way you can block out smurfs as it destroy the some new players experience (it really stops casual players from enjoy and might stop them from playing it) and smurfs do make excuses like they can't climb up, they want to troll, they feel weak on the top, trying new strats, "want to help their friends", "pay me and I'll help you climb" service.

  13. FARCRY 1 was the best of the series by far…Every Farcry since (excluding Blood Dragon) has been mediocre garbage at best.

  14. No forgiveness for cheaters, they ruin the game for everyone, and so lets ruin it for them. Also let me know where I can send you my pizza order receipt for reimbursement.

  15. There is no mercy for cheaters. While they are giggling while ruining everyone's fun who paid money for the game should be actually even more punishable. I'm talking legally pursuing indivduals legally for breaking the law. You'll see how quickly the cheating problem goes away. You can't stop scum making cheats, but you as sure can charge and punish a person who decides to use it. They have zero consequences that's why it's so rampant.

  16. Just reminds me of problems games like diablo had where a random person could jump into your game, and because they used or handed you a hacked weapon you could get permabanned…

  17. Id love this. Cheaters should be perma-banned from all games in competitive multiplayer games. There will need to be clear 100% evidence of this though sent to the banned gamer as it will seriously effect gamers if they get banned.

    If they do this, then they NEED to make sure EVERYONE is aware of this. Not just by posting an article online, but by giving users a pop up in all games somehow saying you will be banned from all their games if you cheat. Not only will it inform people, but the scare alone will force them not to cheat.

  18. You think your old.. lol.
    I'm "was a video pong Chad" old.
    I'm, was at a skating rink when they rolled a space invaders cabinet in the pinball room old. I've evolved with video gaming for 4 decades.
    Lol..come at me bro.

  19. The problem is the CoD cheaters will just make a new account and they are back in doing the exact same crap how many matches in warzone have you just spawned in the air after gulag and gotten sniped or shot out of the air yea they get banned but they just make a new acc

  20. For cheating, I understand, but at the same time, a lot of innocent people got hurt in the ban waves, especially when any butthurt players that got beat in a firefight report your account for cheating and when you get enough reports, it sometimes autobans you

  21. Great, I've been shadow banned since Vanguard released, for no reason I can find. I'm never going back to this franchise if I'm treated like shit on every title.

  22. its just toxic… gamer cheaters hide behind their keyboard and are toxic. If you ever called them out in person they would bend like a pretzel

  23. Ill cheat in single player games/single player online but ill admit i sometimes have in multiplayer,but usually the non pvp/non competitive side stuff and more as a crutch being an amputee with 1 hand ?

  24. i love campagne, no multiplayer, the cheaters will flock to it, soft mods have ruined the multiplay video world games.

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