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Nintendo Switch BAD NEWS Dropped… + Huge 2022 Switch Game Ready For Release!

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Join me as we walk through all the new Nintendo Switch News including a big Best Buy Black Friday Nintendo Switch game sale! The reason Kirby and the forgotten land might be releasing sooner than we thought! And, Rockstar finally apologizing for the quality of GTA Trilogy and what it means for the future of the game on Switch!
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Nintendo Switch GREAT NEWS For FREE EShop Demos and New HUGE Switch Game Releases…
Nintendo Switch GREAT NEWS For Nintendo’s Future Just Dropped…
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Jaime Gustavo Gamero Tobar
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00:00 Intro
00:52 Best Buy Black Friday Nintendo Switch Games Sale
04:02 Kirby and the Forgotten Land Releasing Soon?
05:58 Grant Theft Auto Trilogy Broken – RockStar Responds


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  1. Let me know if you've played GTA Trilogy on the Switch yet and how it's performed for you, and which games your planning on getting over the holiday season! Also, please hit the like button before you leave! 🙂

  2. RS is so full of sh!7. Weak a$$ apology, they know damn well it was going to be utter garbage and planned on it. They just didn’t plan on the backlash and now faking being sorry.

    They deserve all the trash talk and harassment, they all need to get it in their head half-a$$ed ports, or new games, should not and will not be tolerated ANYMORE.

  3. I got Pokémon brilliant diamond, pga 21, taxi chaos, both Star Wars collection and combo, crash bandicoot 4. Missed out on tony hawk and Mario rabbits but going to try and find them tomorrow

  4. A game I would highly recommend is hot wheels unleashed I got it day one for me and my nephew and honestly I’ve been having so much fun playing with him. Great game for the family or to play with some friends 9/10 the devs did a great job on the game. They just need to do something about the afk players and to add cross platform play but otherwise it’s a great game

  5. I picked up hades for ps5 and sonic colors ps4!!!!!!! I got early during the week 3 copies of Mario kart 8 deluxe!!!!!!

  6. San Andreas is the best one anyway maybe they should have just focus on that one as a new release game on the console's the ability to change your character's and things are really cool maybe San Andreas part 2

  7. Those executives need to be fired! I so planned on buying this but no way am I now. Not even after they eventually half ass fix it. What an absolute fail

  8. The whole minimum viable product paradigm baffles me. How has that become the norm in the tech world?? It sucks to feel like no matter what you do in this day and age, it feels like you’re bent over getting plowed by some big company.

  9. The sales have been live, as I've already went to Best Buy this morning. Lots of great deals; I'll probably pick up PGA Tour 2K21 and Tony Hawk 1&2, and maybe Subnautica double pack for $30.

    FYI, Monster Hunter Rise, Sonic Colors, and Hot Wheels Unleashed are all $5 cheaper at Walmart vs. Best Buy, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania is $5 cheaper at both Target and Walmart, and Nickolodeon All-Star Brawl is $10 cheaper at Target for Black Friday.

  10. 9:30 I'll never understand why these big companies don't just PLAN AHEAD and start the development cycle earlier. Why rush the development on purpose instead of just giving the devs the necessary time and starting development earlier?

  11. Kirby definitely looks fun. So far I’ve never experienced any bugs in gta. The driving is off but nothing like spinning out of control or flying

  12. I got a tattoo on CJ, and the tatt is slightly floating above his skin. You have to adjust the angle of the camera to see it.

  13. CANT F'N WAIT FOR UPDATES IN GTA ON SWITCH! SUCH A MESS AND YEA IM EXTREMELY UPSET WITH THIS SWITCH PORT!?‍♂️☹?? seriously don't understand how they can take the PS5 version of this game and move it to switch severely downgraded and charge $65 for it after tax.. what world do we live in. I mean it's whatever if that's what I got to pay in order to have this on switch that's fine at least at minimum give us a good experience!….

  14. I think it is pretty simple: the gaming publishing industry has permanently changed to place less reliance on quality assurance processes prior to launch. As a result, we need to change our habits as consumers. My advice is – don’t pick up games on launch day, just wait 24 hours! The only real tool we have at our disposal is to search reputable gaming review websites to make sure the game is not a lemon. Buyer beware!!!

  15. You're literally missing a few games like final fantasy x/x2 for 19 normal price 39.99 Black Friday only deal .. which I already set up and bought last night I'll pick it up Friday… Mario odyssey And Zelda breath of the wild is actually on sale a few dollars but it's not only a black Friday deal.. Zelda I believe it's $40 even and Mario odyssey is 36 or something like that.. I lost the two cartridges Mario odyssey and Zelda breath of the wild about two years ago ..It's probably hiding among all my stuff in my storage unit..I actually have the DLC for the Zelda game so I've been wanting to play it again I might pick that up today… Or maybe I'll go with a different zelda game..Like skyward sword or links awakening those two I never played before… I literally bought the Final Fantasy X /X2 game. A little over a year ago used I Never paid attention to the x2 game in the load screen.. I went to the ffx every time I loaded up the game ,,So I went to load the ffx2 game and realized it's account locked… So that's why I ended up waiting a week or so and I'm buying it new.. I'll sell it to somebody on eBay or give it to somebody…I know the Asian market cart has all the games on the dl But I'm not about to pay another $59 plus shipping from China when I could pick it up for 20 bucks.. Square ENix Should have the missing stuff on there the store for dlc separately..For people to buy or for free it's pretty ridiculous that it's cartridge and account locked

  16. I wouldn't walk into a best buy unless I had explosive diarrhea. And even then, I wouldn't make it to the restrooms

  17. Haha y’all pai $60 for the gta trilogy n I bought them on steam like 8 mo ago for $10 each n I have no glitches lmao ?????

  18. Love the Sonic Background music, I think it's from the snow level in Sonic 3 when you get to snowboard. Good memories ?

  19. Not impressed but the Nintendo switch version of GTA trilogy is to be expected publishers just don't put in the work on the switch versions of their games Nintendo doesn't care so I ain't being a little bit more particular on which games or remakes I buy

  20. Sunbro Grand Theft Auto trilogy just got an update on switch I am so happy about this I seriously hope it fixes the serious performance issues

  21. I am excited for more updates on deltarune and legends arcuses like a beath of the wild pokemon game I am excited and new game I am excited!!!!!!!!

  22. All Nintendo switch games are dropping in price happens all the time! Get em whilst thou cannot! Didn’t care less for about every title you named!?

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