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Call of Duty Vanguard PS4 Pro Freezing bug fix

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This is a follow up to this video where I discuss the delay of Call Of Duty Vanguard and Warzone Pacific Season one.

In that video I mentioned that Vanguard froze my PS4 Pro every time, resulting in me having to hard shut down the console by yanking out the power.

This video shows a fix as found on Reddit and many thanks to that user for showing how to do it. If you’d rather not watch the video, the solution is to simply disable on demand streaming in the settings.

Timecodes are below. As always thanks for watching.

00:00 Introduction
00:23 Vanguard freezes my PS4 Pro
00:35 Reddit shows the solution
01:14 How to disable on demand texture streaming
02:00 I test it out on an MP map
02:20 Quick trip around a Vanguard map
03:00 Very grateful to that Reddit user for this solution
03:09 Sum up

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  1. I have a ps4 pro and a ps4 slim and the problem i have is i start every single match late, i never see the countdown even on a private match with bots, it will say match started loading level and then just load for a while and then start the match after ppl already have 2 to 4 kills and its annoying and i dont know how to fix that but i do see on your match u was able to see the countdown and yes i have that setting on demand off and anything else off that could cause a problem

  2. I blue screen a lot all of a sudden call in kill streaks get a error code kill someone get a error code idk what’s going on.

  3. I was having freezing issues on my original ps4 and then my ps4 pro. So I disabled it. But I haven't got to play yet. Hopefully it works.

  4. My console doesn't freeze after every match but I feel a little disappointed in this being the solution the game looks better with it on without it almost looks like a last gen game to me but I also don't want to continue unplugging my ps4 pro and this is a month letter issue still exist

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