Call of duty vanguard

The Pacific War 1943 (Battle of Piva Forks) Call of Duty Vanguard – 8K

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  1. From what i have heard, that japanese smg is rare, they were only issued to some in the army and why they equipped with that shotgun revolver thing?

  2. no hya nada mas noble por decirlo asi, que estar en medio de la guerra en un videos juego, y es mas para disfrarlo lo bueno que eres y si no lo mal que fuegas por no decir que te mataron 10 veces jajaja

  3. I'm watching in 4k and I have to say, this game just doesn't look that good. Maybe it's because I've been playing Guardians of the galaxy which I think may be the best looking game yet, but this years COD just doesn't really look like a next gen game. It doesn't help that they seem to recycle the same AI, layout and assets. The past 3 titles have literally all used the same style layout in the main menu and lobby. Don't get me wrong, it's probably an enjoyable game, but graphically it just doesn't stand out.

  4. No matter how I watch it, and how many times, it still really sounds like anime speak to me when I hear the Japanese troops

  5. 0:22 Got slapped with no reason. And why there is blood? Fine, maybe there is blood on his chin…
    0:39 Deep breath ( I though he is gonna pull the Katana)
    0:48 Hmmmm Walk are you walking around?
    0:53 Here we go!
    0:55 Okay. I am done. This game is stupid as fuck.

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