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Vanguard Season 1 Gameplay Reveal & DLC Events New Info/Delayed! Warzone Pacific New Release & More!

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BREAKING: Vanguard Season 1 DELAY & Gameplay Trailer Reveal! WARZONE PACIFIC New Event Delays & More

0:00 Intro
0:19 New Vanguard In-Game Updates & Events!
0:49 Vanguard & Warzone Pacific Season 1 DELAYED!
2:59 New Gameplay Trailer & Marketing Update!
4:40 ☣️STAY OUT☣️
6:26 Season 1 Reloaded Attack on Titan Event/Bundle DLC!
7:30 MORE Vanguard & Warzone DLC Crossover Events!?
8:44 Warzone Pacific Volcano Eruption DLC Event
9:55 Outro


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  1. Hope we get Dragonball and James Bond collab skins during vanguard, They are already collabing with toei animation for AOT so collab with dragonball, it’s my favorite show of all time

  2. the new warzone map might be set in the 80s not in ww2 and that could explain why theres cw guns or mw guns in ww2

  3. After playing zombies on vanguard for free I want to talk about the few positives that the game does have, also sorry for being gone for so long. The lack of good news or even news at all about zombies for that matter has moved me to many different games instead of cod

    Operators: they literally perfected operators in this game, they not only react to killing individual zombies I.e referring to the mini boss by its name and ability’s instead of just bunching them into some category like Cold War did (elites and specials) they also reacts to perks, the upgrade stations, and pick ups. I pray the operators are just like this in treyarchs next game, not only that but the voice actors clearly had passion making these voice lines, most of cold wars voice actors didn’t sound like they actually cared.

    Gunplay: every gun feels different from eachover in vanguard and the recoil animations and sounds feel more punchy and more like an actual gun, whereas in Cold War the guns felt like air soft guns and were just unsatisfying to use, the cold war guns also felt like the exact same guns no matter which one you used (some of the dlc guns are exceptions) not to add I really like the gunsmith in vanguard as it makes your guns actually feel very unique, oh and snipers are fun to use in zombies again now

    Enemy variety: this is both towards primal tormentors (what I like to call the boom shreier) and the machine gun zombies, I like how the machine guns zombies force you to change from a run and gun play style into a duck and cover playstyle. When against them you feel like you’re literally having to take cover against these guys and they make the blindfire and mantle actually worth using in zombies. the primal tormentors (which I call primal for a good couple of reasons) make a much much bigger blast than the normal tormentors not only killing every zombies close enough but also blowing up immediately unlike tormentors who would do a whole animation before blowing up, the primal tormentors are much more dangerous now too, as they’re able to shred half of your health off immediately if they get to close or you kill them too close, they’re both very dangerous and the only change I’d make is for machine guns zombies to spawn much much less or have much less health

    I really feel that the map just looks cool too, personally I don’t want chronicles on Cold War due to how much atmosphere Cold War lacked, I think it should be in vanguard or atleast the next treyarch game because by then they would have reperfected the mode again by then, I hope.

  4. I won’t lie an anime character coming to cod feels dumb it’d be much better if it was just a skin for a character like what they did for Nikolai in mw2019. I doubt it’d change the zombies sides of things but that’d just be so unnecessary in mp to have a literal character from anime.

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