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New Games & Release Dates Likely Leaked – MASSIVE RUMOR (New Middle Earth Game & More)

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Jedi Fallen Order 2 , new middle earth game & More games (PS5 games) Leaked
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  1. I wonder if the day will ever come when Middle Earth move's beyond The Return Of The King. All the game's seem to be stuck behind it.

    Like no one want's to take the chance and move forward, they're content with the near endless game idea's that lay before The Return Of The King in the storyline.

    At least those who worked on Middle Earth: Shadow Of War was brave enough to do the ending they did that would easily allow a Middle Earth game to move beyond The Return Of The King.

  2. Final fantasy 7 remake is going to come out on the Epic Store ??, hopefully it will also come out on Steam so I don't have to wait another year

  3. @Jorraptor what do you think of 2022 so far? It seems to be the biggest year for gaming. Xbox has Starfield & Stalker 2, PlayStation has God of War Ragnarök, & Horizon Forbidden West, and Nintendo has Bayonetta 3, & Breath of the Wild 2. Third party Dying light 2, Elden Ring, Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, and more. Plus the Valve Steam Deck!!! (A New Console)

    Everyone is firing on all cylinders!!!

  4. I never understood why so many devs fig6ht over the holiday season and then leave spring and summer COMPLETELY barren >.> Its like why not like take advantage of like steams summer sale. And release on like a 5% discount and from a PR standpoint ya could completely nuke the competion if you played your cards right as. 6 months post fall- winter holiday season most of gaming ends up getting stale unless its like AC: Vallhalla that has a ongoing season pass development most games don't keep their audiance past 6 months so that would be plenty of time to quietly shuffle dirt on the competition. Its like you thought Winter was the best games of the year why not make a huge summer splash that just out shines the normal game production cycle. Rather than follow the industry make your own normal. OwO.

  5. Sony PC games, maybe they are going to bring more of their games to PC because it is so hard to make and sell enough PS5's. I'll buy Sony PC game releases, as I can't get a PS5 and the upgraded PS4 games look fantastic on a PC.

  6. There is Dead Island 2 on that list… I preorder that game about…. 6 years ago maybe? When games was 3 times cheaper than now. And when the game got "frozen", the store refused to give me my money back because game wasnt canceled. So if it is true, and Dead Island 2 actually come out in february, they better give it to me for those 10 dollars i spend on it in 2014 instead of 30 dollars that games cost now XDD

  7. I don’t really want another “Shadow of” game tbh I’m just hoping for an Aragorn prequel in the vein of Red Dead Redemption 2 or Ghost of Tsushima

  8. Dragons dogma 2 is the most anticipated game. Anyone who has played DD:DA knows the potential of this game. The endgame and DLC are great. Has the coolest magick system of any game since. Not just Sorcerer, but magick archer and mystic knight as well. Will be cool to see how they expand on the Dark Arisen expansion. CAN’T WAIT.

  9. HFW is coming to PC after 8 months of release on playstation. Wow, that is really surprise me that Sony so eager to earn more money outside of competitor platform. PC=Xbox by Microsoft to be clear.

  10. Game awards i'm already calling it TLOU2 will win again (I know its not nominated for anything since its time has come but they'll find a way to put it in, also I'm being a smart a$$)

  11. After Spider Man will hit pc , i see no reason to buy a ps5. Anyway chances are slim to none to be bought at a decent price in near future.

  12. Ratchet & Clank is from 2016 on PS4. If there was Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart then it would be something else.

  13. Nobody's talking about the black myth I'm waiting for that game but nobody's talking about it I wonder why ?

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