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Tales of Festival 2021 – Game News Breakdown!!! Rays, Asteria, Crestoria And Luminaria!!!

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  1. Not going to lie But I was expecting more info on crestoria like for example arise characters or maybe a collab ( I feel like the game keeps getting shafted I know that rays is more popular I’m not mad just a little bit disappointed)

  2. Theme of 5th Crossover is "Boost Strikes" That Arise cast share some arte with another character.
    Shionne & Laila : Red Hot Burning Strike (Laila has Burning Strike as her spell)
    Karia N & Rinwell : Frozen Hammer
    Chloe & Law : Twin Heavenly Swallow
    Guy & Kisara : Obelisk Blade
    Gaius & Dohalim : Impact Cross (Alvin & Leia can use as link arte though)
    Cress & Alphen : Lightning Tiger Blade (Cress can use this arte)

    And then we got the first Indignation user, Morrison. I guess he's another mage though…

  3. Luminaria sucks anyway, and is gonna be dead in due time.

    they shouldn't have abandoned the ENG version for tales of Rays.

  4. Crestoria just keeps taking Ls. If Bandai wants it to succeed, they have to be willing to put in the time and not give up so easily.

  5. Gungnir Cress looks amazing. I wonder if the Morrison added is the past one since theyre going with the whole Indignation theme

  6. Keep playing Luminaria 😉 21 different character and playstyles. New episodes every week.

    I don't think the game is meant to be the typical mobile gacha endless grind fest game. Which is great. You hop on, play some stories and episodes. Do a couple multiplayer battles, enjoy the game, and then GO LIVE YOUR LIFE LOL. I appreciate that ?

  7. Amm this might be a bit out of place but do bluestacks run luminaria? I have been trying to run it but with no success

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