Call of duty vanguard

the OVERPOWERED M1928 in Call Of Duty Vanguard.. ? (COD Vanguard Best M1928 Class Setup)

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the OVERPOWERED M1928 in Call Of Duty Vanguard.. ? (COD Vanguard Best M1928 Class Setup)


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  1. I’m confused why people don’t just go ahead and watch the whole video, you still gonna get the class at the end

  2. Love this guy! Attitude is a competitive all star, and you don’t throw hands everywhere and say the regular smash shit, love you and the content, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for that activision partner call

  3. Vanguard should lock players weapons in a domination map if players don’t go for flags. Better yet, not give them match credit for not playing objective.

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