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VANGUARD: The TOP 5 BEST GUNS of the NEXT META… (Top 5 Hidden Gems)

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Call of Duty Vanguard’s meta is currently dominated by a few weapons… The STG-44, Type 100, MP40, shotguns and weapons alike, but those aren’t likely to stay at the top of the Vanguard meta for too long. So what in Vanguard’s multiplayer should you be using and ranking up so that you’re ahead of the curve? What weapons in Vangaurd will be the next Top 5 Meta weapons? Today we’re going to be breaking down the weapons that you should be ranking up fully and getting ready to use. There’s a handful of weapons in Vanguard that are honestly already better than the current meta weapons, but aren’t given the proper chance. Today we’re going through the class setups and why they have so much potential within Vanguard’s multiplayer in the coming weeks to months. Let me know if there’s any weapon you think should be on this and if you try these out in Vanguard, how you do with them. Stick around on the channel for more Vanguard content as the coming days to week unfold bringing us closer to Season 1. For now though, let’s take a look at the next Vanguard meta… This is VANGUARD: The TOP 5 BEST GUNS of the NEXT META… (Top 5 Hidden Gems)

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  1. I definitely believe the MG42 should be on this list, that thing is a monster with piercing vision+FMJ is a definite game changer. Pro tip on shipment and crate that has a tarp with holes all over it is penetrable.

  2. TY for sharing. Working on the automator now and any range is doable. Switch over to use the tommy gun and glad I did next one to ramp up.

  3. Bar is possible but after using the Automator & tommy gun going to be hard to go back to slower shooting weapons.

  4. I'm using the wildwood.. forgot what gun it is cuz the plumping chanhes the name. But it's nice. Been 1-3 outta 12 every match using that and an mp40 with the overkill perk

  5. The gunsmith/arsenal in this game is amazing
    Every gun is fun and good to use i started 2 days ago and the first assault rifle is decent with no attachments
    I got a 10 kill streak with it with no attachments

  6. I leveled up to the max few guns during the free weekend. Stg44, AS44, some smg's but boy I had so much fun with the Automaton. Its handling when property customized can easily compare with a good SMG and can even outgun some of them. I was only playing cqb and it was fun.

  7. I use ppsh-41 and recoil booster and hip fire with it not sure on the barrels and stuff but it’s leveled up and it just shreds

  8. I think in this game every gun is good at Max level but to determine what guns are really good is the ones that Fry without hardly any attachments

  9. The nz41 is my absolute go to. Laser accurate and just an overall beast of a gun, dropped a 23 kill game on search with it yesterday

  10. I like that you didn’t just state the most obvious guns! It feels like almost all guns in this game have potential to be great

  11. It’s all speculation and it’s all a waste of time every single black ops gun was broken and sucked on integration and I guarantee either all the Vanguard guns are going to suck and be broken or all the model warfare and black ops guns will be fucked and broken either way anyone who has any amount of belief in Activision to not fuck this up I think he’s crazy

  12. Great video but I don't care for the play style. You could do well with any weapon while sitting in a corner the majority of the match

  13. weapon balancings shit, as44 is just a worse automaton with a bugged barrel, nz41 is just a worse stg, bar firerate sucks, volkssturm is bugged lol yall people in comments really dont know shit

  14. Svt 40 just max it out was a pain but I was getting quad feeds and v2 rockets can’t wait to use it in warzone

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