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$18 Million Activision Lawsuit, Streamlabs Drama, & Vanguard Delays // Video Game News Show #3

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00:00 Intro
01:19 Story 1: Pacific Rim Job – Vanguard S1 Delay
02:40 Story 2: What the f*&k is going on in the gaming industry?
04:00 Story 3: 1 Man, 1 Game – Bright Memory: Infinite
05:12 Story 4: Wabbit Season – WB Multiverse
06:51 Story 5: Slobby Thieves – Streamlabs
09:34 Story 6: Yikes… – Activision Sexual Assault Lawsuit
14:45 Outro



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  1. Your quality control manager did a excellent job. Bobby is a piece of crap , but still literally swimming over here.

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