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Call of Duty Vanguard: First Look at Season 1 (Warzone Pacific)

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Today we got our first look at season 1 For Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone Pacific. In this we look at first images on season one and the new warzone map. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Howard is on the right, Lewis Howard from no only the campaign but from cod WW2, he was the contracts guy, meaning the guy in the middle would be Francis

  2. I hope they put some axis operators in the game. There’s no axis operators in the game at all. The Japanese soldier and the German girl are deserters so they don’t count. Also I hope they change the teams from “my team” and “enemy team” to actual factions or just Allies vs axis.

  3. The only thing i see.. is 3 fucking clown seriously the lanch of vanguard was good and they kill it with this shit

  4. Couldn’t imagine playing a game that is made by developers who rape women. And especially when the ceo of the company was aware of it all going down lol. Inkslasher and all of the other cod shills are the biggest frauds on the platform. Y’all are like Lebron James when it comes to China lol

  5. Hey Inkslasher does Verdansk Final Moments take place in Modern Warfare's timeline after the Nuke or Cold War's timeline after they find Butcher? Since it could've been a flashback when the Nuke hit.

  6. They need to add axis operators, im tired of the ”heroes” that contributed to allied victory. I want factions and stories from the axis side…

  7. Finally! Some actual info. Most of the videos are clickbait’s of CW gameplay. Thanks for the video bro!

  8. The question is: r there gonna be camping spots for those noobs or is everybody is gonna just go up top the mountains and lay down in the bushes with a sniper rifle. We might have another annoying thing added to the list:

    Riot sheilders
    Camping noobs
    Vanguard Shotguns( automatic shotguns)
    Mountain Snipers

  9. Wow new map looks like everything I’ve wanted in a cod game for so long. It’s taken so long though lol hated vanguard though. Looked like trash

  10. Not really a fan of there not being “bad” operators or villain operators. Unless I have it wrong, we’re just playing as allies?

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