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How To Play Warzone Pacific Caldera Map Early…

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The Call of Duty Cod Vanguard Open Beta is live and running but there are already issues with Vanguard cheaters and hackers in the Beta. Aimbot footage has surfaced in the Cod Vanguard Beta showing exploiters already taking advantage of the game before it even launches. With new Call of Duty Vanguard Warzone Anti Cheat software on the way the question remains, will there be Cod Vanguard Multiplayer anti cheat on launch day or is it going to be another year of Call of Duty hackers, cheaters, exploiters ruining the game that fans know and love.

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  1. I am a little bit confused can you please explain to me but it said on the trailer if have exclusive access to the new warzone map December 2nd is that for the people that pre-ordered call of duty vanguard let me know

  2. No frickin way dude an full 24 hours earlier wauw that massive and just need to pay full 70 box for an game that not fun at all but hey you can play warzone full 24 hours earlier that is sick right dude just go find some content dog

  3. Всем привет, буду рад видеть вас на своем молодом канале, у меня также недавно вышло видео по Call of Duty: Warzone. Спасибо всем за внимание 🙂

  4. Maybe after a year of playing Caldera they can redo the map and make it modern like how Verdansk went back to 1984…

  5. December 8th would not be early access since it releases to the public at 9am pst on that date. 24 hour early access would be the 7th on pacific which is what they have stated.

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