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New VR News – New VR Games, Resident Evil Mercenaries, VR Haptic Gloves and more

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Welcome back to the New VR News. Today we are checking out the future of VR haptic gloves and the potential of Meta Gloves. We also have this weeks VR games release schedule, amazing new updates like Resident 4 Mercenaries and much more.

Intro Playing The Meta Movie 00:00
Sponsored AD 00:23
Ultimechs (Multiplatform) 00:47
Exorcist Sin (Multiplatform) 01:17
Requisition (PCVR) 01:58
ForeVR Darts (Questt) 02:25
Ghostbuster Afterlife Scare 02:55
The Guy VR (PSVR) 03:24
Lucky’s Tale (Quest 2) 04:00
Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries 04:49
After The Fall (PCVR, PSVR, Quest) 05:25
Walkabout Mini Golf Update ( PCVR, Quest) 06:24
Clash of Chefs Update (Quest) 06:47
Oculus Branding is DEAD 07:07
Meta Gloves 07:30

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Thanks for watching New VR News – New VR Games, Resident Evil Mercenaries, VR Haptic Gloves and more


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  1. It hasn’t been late enough into the video to make a comment that makes sense soooo, have a good day lads or something idk lol

  2. We all agree that Oculus should NOT be replaced with Meta. It needs all you VR creators to keep referencing it as the Oculus Quest!! Apart from being the better, more reputable name, maybe they’ll eventually cave in and change it back to Oculus.

  3. I like all the stuff you fit into a single video. But I wanted to say your more detailed title can distract me from the fact this is a weekly VR news video.

    Because I didn’t care about haptic glove news, my brain almost ignored the video not realizing there was a LOT more in this video than just gloves.

  4. HaptX is claiming that those Meta gloves may be violating their patents. Not and issue right now, but when the time comes to sell them or something similar, could get ugly – or Meta just buys them out.

  5. Virtually no good games are available in VR, and they are releasing a glove. Everything is different from what is needed.

  6. Good, Mercenaries is coming to RE4 VR. Not that I think it needs it, and I might not actually play it at all, but it's one less thing people can complain about with RE4 VR. I just beat it yesterday, I thought it was phenomenal, despite what some have said, they clearly put a lot of work in to it to port it to VR, can't wait for more classic, flat-screen game ports to VR, even though most ppl will groan and not be impressed with ports.
    Also, I think those gloves are kool, but Gabe Newell is probably laughing at them…I don't understand exactly how the Valve Deckard (next VR headset) is going to "plug in" to the brain or how much it will do…but i kinda anticipate that eventually they'll be able to just tell your brain you're feeling something in your hand…not need something so archaic as a physical glove on your hand. heh heh heh

  7. Most vr youtubers dont talk about a amazing game pavlov shack and it is getting a game mode called the hide/hidden based of of a half life two and getting more weapons and maps i wish more ppl talked about pavlov or pavlov shack have a good day

  8. Not interested. VR is a great place where all this steven segal and dolph Lundgren movies could be awesome. Rambo. etc

  9. I'd heard that Meta is considering the removal of the requirement to tie the Quest to a Facebook about. If that's truly the case, I might pick one up after all. My first VR kit was the Oculus Rift, and it was outstanding at the time. When they implemented that requirement, I uninstalled it. Fortunately, I'd never actually bought any Oculus Store games, just a few of the free "experiences".

  10. I don't like horror at all, never have. Hate the feeling it creates. So don't understand why you think someone who doesn't like horror will be ok playing it with someone else. I never will want to play horror, especially in VR where jump scares are more real. So many VR games go for horror atm and it just cuts out a big chunk of games for me. Bought Half Life Alyx and played up until the first gross monster, never went back, never going to. I wish more of the better quality longer games were not horror or zombie as I am now bored with VR games and mainly play flatbscreen again. Bring on the strategy, fantasy story or adventure games without zombies please.

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