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Rift News: Project L, Arcane Season 2 & New Riot Forge Games

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At long last… our wait for Project L shall last long!




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  1. His character in the Ruined King game is canonically Viego's adviser. He has more lore than some champions in the game 😀

  2. best part of the merch thing is you can't buy it in asia or oceania (discrimination much ?).can't buy it overall.

  3. As a person who played Blizzard games exclusively for 15 years, I switched to league about a year ago and I'm very happy with Riot. They actually make their players feel like they give a crap. Very awesome.

  4. I feel like sevika might be a league champ seeing as how they kept going into focus for some of her abilities like the injection of shimmer into her right arm and how when the blade was swung shot a laser blade if I remember correctly
    Would be dope as a new champion tbh

  5. there were not a lot of things left unsaid, based on current lore we have it can all be extrapolated or simply isnt that interesting to be wanting a season 2 so quick

  6. I’ve been watching you for a bit but have deffs been watching you more because of arcane! Congrats! ???

  7. Hold the vaccinated accountable for the state of the world. They gave up their rights and freedoms so we can just break their jaws when they talk now.

  8. its not hard to get new players to start leauge after 20 ish games your addicted more than to cocaine

  9. Maybe I've played too many survival games, but my immediate thought when they showed the first teaser was "that's Ark." The islands with color coded pillars of light just screams Ark, especially since it used the same colors: green, blue, red and gold. And the big pillar in the center reminded me of Conan's vortex, which also seemed fitting considering Conan is another Ark clone.

  10. I would love to see a 3rd person open world set in Piltover and Zaun where you can play as either a main charcter or as custom characters.

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