Call of duty vanguard

#1 WEAPON in Call Of Duty Vanguard TYPE 100..? (419 Kill V2 Rocket Gameplay)

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#1 WEAPON in Call Of Duty Vanguard TYPE 100..? (419 Kill V2 Rocket Gameplay)


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  1. any tips for me? ive never gotten a V2 rocket or a nuke before, my highest killstreak ever was 18. what have i been doing wrong?

  2. It hurts me to see u have a 3090 and getting 180 fps Ik your pc is not optimized because I gotta 3070 and am getting 350+ fps

  3. And here I sit with a shitty 11% accuracy on controller, every gun shakes so much in my hands. Even when I follow your builds. Im just too casual.

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