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HOW TO SNIPE on COD Vanguard.. (The Ultimate Guide)

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Introducing the Ultimate Guide to Sniping in Call of Duty Vanguard.. The BEST Tips, Tricks, Settings & Class Setups to help you improve with a Sniper Rifle, all powered by Duracell Optimum.
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00:00 Welcome
00:56 An Introduction To #Vanguard Sniping
02:20 The Best Sniper Settings & Sensitivity
04:42 The Variety of Shot Types
06:13 Leading, Flinch & Movement
08:04 Must Knows for Sniping in Vanguard
10:05 The #1 Sniper Class Setups

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  1. I've been sniping for years thanks to spratt and I always watch these videos just to help dial in my skills. Felt a bit off for the first couple of hours sniping on vanguard but soon got into the swing of it and the extra tips in this will make it even better. Thanks spratt your the goat

  2. This is a really informative video! Thanks for the tips and tricks Spratt! I didn't even know that in certain CoD's, your scope isn't always going to be centered straight. The only CoD I remember that being an issue was BO1.

  3. Great video, lots of valuable tips, thank you! I don't think you mentioned optics. You don't use any of the optic attachments. Please explain.

  4. Just tried your settings out and I feel like I’ve found the missing piece – especially those multipliers. Plus a couple personal tweaks, this has really helped! thanks man ?

  5. I love these videos because even if you think you know everything you can always learn something new! Great video Spratt!

  6. Hello, for the 3-lines I may have a better solution :
    There is that first barrel that increases ADS speed more than the last barrel but decreases damage.
    But if you combine it with the 20 rounds mag (that increase damage), the damage modifications offset, and you end up with a slightly better ADS than the class in this video (I think 10ms better). AND much more bullets !

  7. thx bro!! using the type 99 and felt out of place then I used ur class setup and started frying with multi kills and bloodthirsties

  8. The upper echelon of how to snipe videos on the entirety of YouTube right here boys, top notch production value and useful tips for snipers of literally any skill level. Congrats on the sponsorship and thank you for the upload as always.

  9. Back in MW19 you only needed to get 3 kills without dying i think it was 75 or 100 times it should have been like that in Vanguard to not that painful bloodthirsty 100 times crap they should nerf that

  10. I like the snipers in Vanguard. It’s difficult to quick scope, and I couldn’t be happier. The truly good snipers still wreck havoc, but they’re not NEARLY as wide spread as they were in MW. Fucking hate dying to some crackhead with a 200ms ads speed one shot sniper rifle

  11. i cant cope with how zoomed the scope feels on this cod, the ADS FOV not adjusting with sights over 3.25x magnification is ridiculous to the point where if i snipe at 110-120 FOV it feels like someone is putting a magnifying glass over my monitor.

  12. If it's anything i struggle with, it's positioning. Is there any way to improve that? I tend to be on good streaks but end up dying because im in the wrong place at the wrong time

  13. If ur not good it will take a lot of practice and training to get good to much like hard work plus rage quitters

  14. I like watching these types of videos, i personally don’t need it but it’s just so enjoyable watching someone teach people a craft such as this

  15. Incredible sniper in a bang average game, still remember the day I played against you on scrapyard MW I remember I was dying a lot to you (as expected) that damn kar you were using was insane. but I did also get some nice snipes on you, after all I have been sniping over 10 years 😉

  16. Great vid, my first time seeing yours…I’m contemplating sniping…so just don’t feel that I have the dexterity for it…but this breakdown has given me the itch to give it a try. It’s always gratifying when picking up a banger sniper off the ground and get a few kills with them but only to get killed due to not being comfortable with it.

  17. Honestly to me it feels like old cod. And it's beautiful I wasblessed by someone wirh the game. I never got to experience cod in its hey day and I feel like this is pretty close.

  18. Hey Spratt. It seems like when I snipe I don’t have any aim assist if the cross hair is close to the enemy. I feel it with other guns but not snipers. It feels like I don’t have any aim assist while sniping. I’m also a 1kd player so I know I suck but sniping is fun. It also feels like my sniper is extremely slow scoping in. Watching you and and other snipers you guys zoom insanely fast. Even after I copy your class. Could it by in my setting for PS5

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