Call of duty vanguard

New Call of Duty Vanguard AMD and In-Game Settings!

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In this video I show you my new call of duty vanguard AMD Radeon and in-game Settings. If you watched my last video forget those settings this video is for much higherQuality are still having very high frames per second. You’ll be able to see people much better with the increased quality but still keep a high FPS in call of duty vanguard!

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  1. Can you help me : when I plug my Xbox controller into my pc to play on for bf2042 . Every thing on it works apart from sprinting I’ve tried everything and I hope you can help me

  2. Tbh for vanguard youre better off disabling image sharpening and just turn on AMD Cas in game to 80-100 visibility will be allot better. Dont keep sharpening AND Cas both enabled. Try it.

  3. What version of AMD Radeon Software are you using? I get neither the option to undervolt the GPU nor the ability to set custom graphiuc settings.

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