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Zelda Breath Of The Wild 2 HUGE Nintendo Switch NEWS At Game Awards 2021?!

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Join me as we walk through all the evidence and reports that point towards the Game Awards 2021 holding a massive Zelda Breath Of The Wild 2 reveal and what to expect!
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  1. Let me know what you hope we see from Nintendo at the 2021 Game Awards and if you think Zelda BOTW2 will be featured! Also, please hit the like button before you leave! 🙂

  2. I'm praying for the WW & TP switch ports! Alongside possible OOT & MM. If nintendo can pull a 180 and trick us into thinking nothing new will be told I would be happy.

  3. Hoping for a WW HD release. The Zelda anniversary was a big disappointment so far. The worst 3D Zelda and a Game & Watch. 🙁

  4. I never played windwaker or skyward sword and only briefly played twilight princess. I got skyward sword for switch and thought it was great aside from the controls taking a lil getting used to. I would def pick up the other 2 on release day!

  5. I want this game in my hands ASAP but I also wants the devs to take their time with it. Is a contrasting feeling hahah

  6. I am optimistic that we will see WW and TP eventually on the Switch….maybe as filler when they have a slow month for game releases. I am one of the ones that never got the chance to play either of those titles and would love the opportunity!! So fingers crossed that at some point they are made available. I will be watching the game awards and think that the Zelda 35th will be in the form of concert and BOTW2 trailer or Name release or release date or some combo of those. Again…hopeful!

  7. If Wind and Twilight are not front half of 2022 Botw2 will be pushed to 2023 which would be March no doubt.
    An anthology collection or something with Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hour glass

  8. I would still like to see Paper Mario: Color Splash come over to switch. Also an HD version of Thousand Year Door would be amazing!

  9. I'm expecting some multiplayer or CO-OP like genshin impact how friends assist allys I just hope BOTW2 got MULTIPLAYER

  10. Nintendo does have an official Zelda orchestra concert tour. I saw it a few years ago… Putting that concert at the gaming awards is kind of a no-brainer, and I'm honestly kind of surprised that N doesn't do more marketing for it.

  11. Cmon Nintendo…if the people are begging for Wind Waker hd and Twilight Princess hd just make it happen. Its guaranteed profits. Why wouldnt you release these? It would make more sense than not releasing them!

  12. Let's not make Wind Waker Hd and Twilight Hd and just give them poor emulation like how we butchered Ocarinas emulation.

  13. My first game in the zelda series is botw and now I'm addicted to every single bit of info that comes out for botw2 I know for botw2 I think that it's just gonna be a trailer for botw2 at game awards since it would be absurd for to release the name for botw2 since it's a massive spoiler.

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