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Call of Duty Warzone: Secrets Of The Pacific Event Explained!

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Today we got the Secrets of The Pacific event for Call of Duty Warzone. This is the first hints towards the new Warzone Pacific Map Caldera. Here is everything you need to know. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. I did many times already but I don’t get challenge completion result at lobby, all are still locked. No one get this error but me?

  2. 1 in gualg were inkslasher showed us
    2 in the electronics store near train station at back its a microphone
    3 Airport 2nd floor burger place
    4 Hospital 1st floor operating room with blue medical box
    5 old mines box of cigar or dynamite
    6 bunker at boneyard

  3. The item is a box of cigars, it’s in the north side of the mines behind a minecart, it’s just in front of a blocked off tunnel.

  4. do i need to pay for vanguard to play the new warzone map and what weopons will be removed? im afraid ill loose all my blueprints and my loadouts.

  5. the only bad thing about vanguard's challenges is you need someone to play with from your clan. yeah you get what i mean

  6. Does anyone know if they are being the FOV slider into warzone PS4? I have been using it on vanguard and I then went into warzone MW and I can hardly play without it. I feel like I’m at such a disadvantage.

  7. My event disappeared… was there for like 3 matches kicked me off , came back I. The game and it’s gone…… also keeps losing track of my battle pass and weapon load outs … really annoying.

  8. Not gonna lie, Caldera leaks and images look promising. I look forward to it. But the event is dissapointing. I mean, yeah I have to collect the items and survive the time needed to complete the challenges, but the reward is just 6 b&w pictures and a blueprint I don't have access to until season 1 (I can't even view it in gunsmith?). It would be nice to reward us with an actual footage of the new map. A video of couple of seconds. And it'be even more exciting to give you this reward let's say on December 6 or 7 so as to avoid being leaked and discourage players from not to complete the event.

  9. Hi, thank you for this video. That's weird because the Pacific Event is appearing on my War Zone game….but it doesn't appear in my COD Vanguard. Have a nice day / night.

  10. I found the intel in the bunker and mine but could not finish. Now it’s not there anymore? Very frustrating!

  11. Did anyone else complete the 6 mission in Warzone and didn't get the blueprint? They really making us wait until Dec 8 to give it to us…like WTF

  12. You guys know how modern warfare added some new operators after Cold War came out, well, it could happen with Cold War and maybe get a 80s version of reaper.

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