Call Of Duty Warzone

*NEW* WARZONE BEST HIGHLIGHTS! – Epic & Funny Moments #619

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WARZONE Top Call Of Duty Plays Best Moments – NEW WARZONE BEST HIGHLIGHTS! – Epic & Funny Moments #619 Submit …


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  1. EM2 has a low damage BUT it feels like it shreds coz it ha a high Headshot multiplier so if you pull like one headshot then the TTK decreases significantly

  2. I don’t hit combat bow shots since I haven’t ever picked it up since I have uavs and advanced uavs all the time or maybe cluster strike

  3. Another great set of clips! Got excited seeing my name in the featured list but didn't see the clip, sadge! I will return with more Crossbow fun!

  4. Every time I use a meta or a god gun it isn’t good but when I use like the ak 74u it’s really good I’m still making loudouts

  5. If you pay attention, at 14:45, a beautiful header hits, but the other side leaves the game quickly until it is DOWNED????I'm talking to Google Translator because it's wrong. Sorry

    Example headshot ….

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