Call of duty vanguard

the OVERPOWERED MP40 in Call Of Duty Vanguard (200 Kills V2 Rocket Gameplay)

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the OVERPOWERED MP40 in Call Of Duty Vanguard (200 Kills V2 Rocket Gameplay) #callofduty #cod #vanguard All socials …


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  1. Lmao e your videos, but I look fwd to the Class Attachments. Can you show what you used? I’ve been using g it since your last video and would like to know if you’ve made changes to the setup so I can try it out.

  2. Yo! I was just thinking about waiting to see if you were going to drop a mp40 class!! Thanks man. Love the video . Keep it up. Can't wait for the next one ! Great job !

  3. What attachment is comparable to tiger team spotlight from cold war. I struggle to see people in this game. Especially on the big maps

  4. Playing alone? Me too, that’s why I called my clan The Lonely Skulls. Everyone is welcome to join and team up, so we can get that double xp and get the grind going! I started the clan with the idea that there should always be someone to play with and grind the game that we hate and love. So if you would like to play with me and others feel free to join! I just started the clan so it’s nothing big but I want it to have its own community where everyone is accepted and everyone want to grind together?
    Clan tag: zTLSz
    Clan name: The Lonely Skulls

  5. Yo i really think ur gameplay is savage especially that fukin 300+ kills with the shotgun i be online on a ps4 bout to buy a ps5 this friday only thing is that i cant use all guns in armory mythic a legendary as my loadout anyway hit me my tag is DEATHBRING3R_VII PEACE?✌

  6. now oviouviously ur the better player but you seem to keep your crosshair near the bottom of the screen alot like down near the floor. is there a reason for this or am i just flat out wrong

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