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Top New Indie Games November 2021 ❤ Best New Video Games News

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Top New Indie Games November 2021 – Recap of the best indie games that are recently released.
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Check out even more of Indie Game Lover’s round-up of brand new indie game releases:

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Indie games are hard to make often taking hundreds or thousands of hours. Support them below.

❤️ Epic Chef –
❤️ Slice of Sea –
❤️ That Flipping Mountain –

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I am just one girl with a passion for helping. Please subscribe to help the channel grow as, like the games, Indie Game Lover takes a huge amount of work to run.

Indie Game Lover started many years ago (though later to the Youtube party) as a way to share my passion of indie games with others and to help developers feel like someone appreciated all their hard work. Indie games take so much effort to create so I wanted a way to help share them.

This Youtube is dedicated to sharing indie games through various collections:
• Curated best new release indie games.
• Curated best new crowdfunding kickstarter indie games.
• Various gameplays and lets plays of indie games.
• Other cool indie game content.

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