Call of duty vanguard

Trump Plays Call of Duty Vanguard! (Voice Troll)

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Trump had a blast playing COD WWII back in 2017 so he was thrilled when he found out Vanguard had released! Watch has he makes some new friends in Call of Duty lobbies ?…yeah yee we still voice trolling in 2021 son

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  1. I cannot believe how accurate your Trump voice has gotten all this time. It’s so hilarious that I wish I had the game and ended up in a room with you on my team XD

  2. Holy shit! That had me laughing the whole video. The demeanor and ego were totally on point and that’s coming from someone who voted for the guy. Great impersonation of both Presidents. Funny shit.

  3. Please join my clan it is let's go Brandon Clan please send me your Gamertag I would love to play with you and go live with you

  4. Dude where were you man? Hope all is well and all on your end but missed this dude.
    Just like the guy in the video said 'I got tears in my eyes man'

  5. A talent for imitating someone's voice is one thing. Having a massive humor is another.
    Combine that shit and here we are.

  6. I love Trump and Azerrz. Your Trump impersonation is great. Some are saying it’s the best. While others such as SNL impersonate him poorly and in a mocking type of manner, your impersonation is funny, accurate and respectful.

  7. you should do a valorant voice trolling and maybe learn to sound exactly like the character in the game!! it would've been so coooolll!! I love you bro!

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