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VANGUARD: The NEW WARZONE EVENT UPDATE Changed These 14 Things… (Secrets of the Pacific Update)

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Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone Season 1 is right around the corner and with that coming content for Vanguard and Warzone and all that Season 1 brings means that we’re starting to see the buildup in terms of promotion. For Warzone in particular, we’re down to our final two weeks in Verdansk, seemingly forever, with things soon switching to Warzone Pacific and a brand-new map called Caldera. In that pacific set map, we’ll have all new locale and a world to learn and explore, but in the meantime, part 2 of the reveal has begun with the Secrets of the Pacific event which brought along with it an in-game event for Vanguard and Warzone as well as challenges to progress with free unlocks like free weapon blueprints. Today we’re going to break down everything of importance that changed within this update for Vanguard and Warzone and see what the Secrets of the Pacific holds. Stay here on the channel to keep up to date with all things regarding Warzone and Vanguard Season 1 in just a little bit of time, but for now, let’s take a look at VANGUARD: The NEW WARZONE EVENT UPDATE Changed These 14 Things… (Secrets of the Pacific Update)

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  1. All the double xp dont work for battle pass guns ect check after you do 1 ut doesn't double its all a lie hasn't been working for 3 to 4 months cant believe no 1 has picked this up

  2. It's nice to get loot from doing things but what about the people that dont have a clan? I've been trying to join one.

  3. You Warzone fanboys are gonna be upset when you realize Warzone Pacific is just verdansk reskinned. Really love how vanguard has so many issues but they refuse to fix it and are more worried about this wz bullcrap.

  4. Is anyone having trouble with Vanguard locking up their Series 2 controller? Been happening to me quite a bit. Controller has zero issues with any other game. Lol!

  5. If your not in a clan it’s a let down .Why would they include a clan as a lot of players aren’t in one and missing out on the rewards

  6. How solve crash game?Never before this problem,Blizz says change operator,cmmon…clear cache…how this all works after big update if players have many problems on this few maps??

  7. The challenges showed when I first started Vanguard yesterday but disappeared after my first game and have been gone since.

  8. Are they going to fix the m1 grand and stg44 since some camps don’t track also how about the type 11 mind games camo challenge

  9. Hay does anyone know where to find the purple camo for warzone jw ow and the event is okay ig i usually ignore it tbh

  10. Anyone else really annoyed with all of this warzone shit? I like battle royale games but not fuckin cod warzone. It’s littered with all kinds of different people and it’s very toxic. Like H1z1 is more fun to me than warzone. You don’t die to stupid ass shit or get screamed at and called a hacker, you don’t get threatened to be reported for hacking, all kinds of shit that doesn’t happen on pubg, h1z1, apex and vigor. But with cod, you can bet your sweet ass you’re getting ripped into for absolutely nothing.

  11. Soooo we currently have 1 MP-40 blueprint, 3 M1 Garand blueprints and 10394749207^10 STG44 blueprints. Super fun and diverse.

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