Call of duty vanguard

#1 WEAPON in Call Of Duty Vanguard TYPE 100..? (COD Vanguard Best Type 100 Class Setup)

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#1 WEAPON in Call Of Duty Vanguard TYPE 100..? (COD Vanguard Best Type 100 Class Setup)


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  1. Literally just searched Vanguard pub stomping in need of some good YT pubs to watch and you’re insane bro. Need someone to watch to help my old ass improve. Scump been uploading that comp stuff so you’ve got yourself a new subscriber

  2. I just could not get through that introduction, those damn high pitch noises had me stop the video all together ✌️

  3. Happy thanksgiving xpromvz, keep up the content bro u a real one for posting high quality content this fast man ur a legend !!

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