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New Events & Game in Blockman go 2.12.2? | Blockman News | #Minemaster_av4

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Null the origins [Movie]:

Has Bedwars Improved?:

New Gcubes Event!:

Squid Game In Blockman Go:

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  1. I dont like bg anymore because of pay2win event and I too play bg less now this event is just for rich players 🙁

  2. These events are trash cus it's all for Rich players I'm starting to get angry seeing how good BG creators were until now their hungry for money?

  3. hi , I would really appreciate if you can give me your blockman go account for a video , if I steal your account then report me to bg Devs/admins . would really appreciate it. if you don't give it's ok I would try with someone else…

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