Call Of Duty Warzone


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Call of Duty VANGUARD Season 1 + New Warzone Pacific Map Update!
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  1. You hit stationary targets with no bullet drop lol. Cod sniping is a piece of piss. Try hiting 1000 metre on arma 3.

  2. Planes…Already a bad idea. Anti cheat already by passed and the engine is changing. People getting hyped for absolutely no reason lol

  3. So for the anti cheat to work we have to hit the like button? Well I love scripting cod so BIG thumbs down from me. Enjoy

  4. I stopped playing because of the hackers and the sweaty pc players. Now console will be up there with the high kd with the fov slider

  5. What gaming monitor do you use? Im looking to purchase one just dont know what route to go! Just looking for something with great 4k quality!

  6. I wish they could make a Separate version for the Next Gen consoles, I mean they have the updated resolution packs that you can download but I feel like they could make a PS5 Version of Warzone

  7. Good to have the original king call of duty youtuber back on the case. Bout time Ali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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