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Secrets of the Pacific | ALL 6 Intel locations | Warzone guide (prison, hospital, mineshaft, bunker)

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Secrets of the Pacific | ALL 6 Intel locations | Warzone guide (prison, hospital, mineshaft, bunker)

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All 6 intel locations for the Secrets of the Pacific event have been located, here is a quick guide to find them.

They are located at prison, electronics store in promenade, airport fast food resturant, hospital, mineshaft and in the secrete bunker near array.

If you need any help let me know!

Time stamps:
0:29 prison
0:55 electronics
1:26 airport
2:04 hospital
2:40 mineshaft
3:00 bunker
3:09 sub for more intel


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I hope you enjoy the video, I do my best not to use the meta weapons like the, EM2, FARA and MP5 but instead work our new ways to play and make Call Of Duty Warzone guides with friends. Each video I try something new in COD and do my best bring you the latest tips and tricks within out beloved game once a week. Big shout out to my biggest inspirations Mr Middi, Bobbypoffgaming, ExoGhost, Swagg, JGOD and PrestigeIsKey.

I’m a proud content creator exclusive for Katana Gaming and highly recommend joining their discord and follow them on Twitter. If you are you motivated by competitive Call Of Duty go follow them – “JoinKatana”.

My channel is all about Easter Eggs, Warzone updates, map changes, unlocking gold through to Damascus and Dark Matter Ultra camos as well as some Zombies content mixed in.

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  1. me cap ing in a corner to survive, not even planning on killing people.

    sweaty tryhards: oh a red dot! let me ruin their challenge!! ?
    seriously, if you go to kill a red dot thats NOT moving at all: Go fvk yourself. Youre wastign their time and ruining their challenge. They only do the challenge ?? they will even leave after they got it so sit your sweaty ass down.

    Happened to me three times in a row. Me hiding somewhere, and getting killed by someone camping the heartbeat sensor like he jerks off to that after…

  2. I'm confused just stressfully completed this event over a long weekend on warzone and for some reason can't ant showing up with the blueprint like the other 2 blueprints I own.. ?

  3. That hospital one was annoying the hell out of me, the guys voice would always trigger when I went into a third floor room and I must have searched that room for the better part of an entire match, thinking I was going crazy, so annoying

  4. Seen a bunch of diff. vids on this mission and this one is by far the best one… straight to the point shows you clearly where it is and on the map

  5. Hello der my friends, so here's the thing.. I had an abandoned challenge left to do like few days ago, but the most challenges I been done were all in vanguard.. While in warzone ones not. So if I did that final ones(abandoned).. Does it count as I'm done with all deez challenges yea? I'm really confused bout this ?? need yours truly asnwer here???

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