Call Of Duty Warzone


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  1. Tim thank you for being as funny as you are iv been in a bad place since my dad past last year and iv done all I can to keep my family going and when I hit a bad spot you and dr got me threw it watching all your streams going threw all your videos and I just wanna say thank you for getting people threw there problems can’t wait to watch your next stream ?

  2. I’m not trying to sound toxic cause tim is literallly my favorite steamer. But, not every single person who kills a steamer is a stream sniper and I feel bad for the players who literally just so happen to be in the same game as them and kill them and then either get banned or get blocked by tim or other streamers. I just think it’s kind of stupid that streamers kind of forget that they’re not the only good ones in the game and immediately go to cheating when they get killed by someone. Granted a lot of people tim has gotten banned were 1000% cheating but not EVERY player who kills tim or any other streamer is cheating. Just needed to get that off my chest

  3. Have never played halo but if they did have a halo br rather then red door you could time warp or have black holes which spawn you randomly..

  4. This is coming from utah ill go to Culver's before I go to in n out any day I lived in cali and the in n out here is not as good as Cali so no sure…. I'll go to habit before in n out too

  5. Tim I think I speak for everyone here but we need the regular videos again, they were so good and I miss watching those while eating dinner lol

  6. halo is fine without a br now 343 is gonna be worried and then u guys gonna get the damn mode u guys r begging for

  7. I use to be annoyed when I missed out on WZ events and now I’m glad I stopped. Last time I did any was Halloween 2020 ?

  8. I felt their pain. ? I hope CoD Devs watch their stuff sometimes and just sit there on their golden toilets and depressingly think to themselves at least for a second “wow, what are we doing”.

  9. Screen snipers Tim and rest of the streamers when u put this stream out blur there names and when u shout them out on u and ur team will know there names. They only do it because ur shouting there names and putting them on YouTube and having there names up on ur screen that's why they do it so stop all that they will be worst than what they already are now bottom of the barrel feeders my guy seriously

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