Call of duty vanguard

Call of Duty: WW2 vs Call of Duty: Vanguard

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Call of Duty WW2 vs Call of Duty Vanguard
In todays video I will be going through which Call of Duty is Better COD WW2 or Vanguard, having a look at maps,killstreaks and more.

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Hi, My name is DazTheTerrible! And if you like FPS shooters then YOU have come to the right place. On this YouTube channel you will find content on all the latest Call of Duty News,Best Class Setups,Best Guns which will hopefully go on to help you improve at the game.

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  1. Welcome back. Hope your feeling better. Also in COD WWII are you more of a sit back and kill people (camping) or rush into the fight and go head on

  2. Yay. So glad you're back and you've recovered. I do think WW2 is the better game. Campaign definitely has that emotional connection like you said. Multiplayer has no SBMM or disbanding lobbies and has much more content to keep us around. What you said about zombies was true: Vanguard zombies looks good with the art but WW2 has so much more content in it's zombies mode especially since day one. Will be waiting for more videos of yours so keep up the great content👍🏻👊🏻😁

  3. I'm glad your back and healthy. I had covid about 2 months ago I can taste but can't smell too good yet it's coming back slowly. But anyway ww2 is still my favorite also. And no headquarters in vanguard sucks! Imo the headquarters in ww2 is one of the coolest things they have done in all the cod games. So hopefully there will be a headquarters in vanguard in the near future. Take care bud.👍

  4. Welcome back we all missed you, I'd say WW2 is the better game in my eyes, the campaign is amazing, the MP is great because you all stay together, love the War mode and the Zombies is way better

  5. Evening @Daz ………… Thanks for making this video i will watch it and make my decision on whether to buy Vanguard, the PS5 digital version is £69.00 :O . Cheers Daz from Neil 🙂

  6. MP weapon balance sucks in vanguard, some attachment combos make weapon insanely overpowered (more like laser gun, maybe this is not cod vanguard but cod advanced warfare 2,lol). Campaign is way too short, I agree with you. Zombie, nah, maybe they shouldn't introduce zombie mode to vanguard in the first place. Lastly, glad you are back on track, stay safe bro.

  7. Hey Daz good to see you back mate, I think I still like WW2 more than Vanguard and that it's a better experience, I played last weekend on a free trial and in those 3 days I already felt the SBMM, it wasn't bad, but it was just tiring that I had to sweat all the time

  8. Glad you are feeling better. Thanks for the videos. Are you bringing back the Bowl of Doom for Vanguard?

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