Call Of Duty Warzone

CLASSIFIED INFO UNLOCKED! Warzone Secrets of Pacific Challenges!

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The Warzone Secrets of Pacific event give you 6 challenges to complete! This is me going through the challenges as much as possible!

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  1. I don't know why, But you Stone, remind me of Tyler Toney from Dude Perfect, and I did see your comment on their vid……..

  2. Can't decide which is more funny and agonizing to watch, when stone was trying to do Juggernaut Easter egg in downtown or this ?

  3. I love ya stone. But what an annoying challenge. Forced camping for 2-4 circles. Makes the game real fun..

  4. I can't believe how little quirky events like this they added to this game over its lifetime, and actually make it more fun to complete. If they'd put a little bit more effort into stuff like this, rather than focus on either adding new guns or making dull map changes I might have played it a bit more till the new map. Why not experiment more, why not work some more live events and lore into it. Do more interesting challenges, with actual rewards. Some day, huh? Some day a game developer will score a hit and actually live up to the hype.

  5. This event sucks. The one in the bunkers only spawns in 1 of 3. I did it so many times and found it once. Killed so many people to get it and then got murdered right after

  6. If the secret challenge is not at the first desk with the blackboard, or in this video where can I find it ? I play 3 matches at the location. I search the entire bunker, and still nothing.

  7. did nobody else do the intel gold coin easter egg hunt thing that the game has had since the start? not really a game or an event, but it was something else to do in the game. it even gave you photos of the coin in an area of verdansk, and you had to work out where it was.

  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one getting stressed about surviving zones. It was certainly one of the more difficult LTM challenges they've had.

  9. What a garbage event. Begging people to stay on this game. "Okay you found the intel. Now you can't die or eave for another 15 minutes though or you'll have to do it all over again."

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