Cotton 100% + Panorama Cotton (ACTUAL Review) [PS4/PS5]

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After the excellent Cotton Reboot just a few months ago, I was excited to jump into not just one, but TWO new Cotton ports to PS4. Let’s see if they’re any good in my Cotton 100% review and Panorama Cotton review!

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0:00 – Intro
0:22 – Cotton 100%
2:08 – Panorama Cotton
3:34 – Conclusion

Cotton 100%:
Description (From PS Store):
The world has fallen into darkness, and the fairy Silk sets out to look for help. She crosses paths with a young witch called Nata de Cotton, who seems rather uninterested in helping her. That is until Silk tells her that along the way, giant Willows, a candy that Cotton has a massive craving for, are waiting for her along the way, so the two set out to find out what’s causing the darkness… or look for Willows!

Cotton 100% was released in 1994 and is based on the original Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams. It offers a stunning and fresh new look with the more vibrant color palette of the Super Famicom.

Experience the beautiful and authentic Cute ’em Up action from the 90s in all its glory and charme!

Panorama Cotton:
Description (From PS Store):
The game’s main character is Nata de Cotton, a witch with unquenchable craving for candy called Willow. She is accompanied by the fairy Silk, who Cotton saved the world with once before. Silk is approached by her sister Knit, who tells her that Queen Velvet has been acting strange. Identifying the source of her behavior as a burnt Willow, Silk tries to dispose of it, but Cotton crosses her path, grabs the Willow and tries to eat it, only to realize that it has been burned. She doesn’t care much about the queen or the kingdom, but is angered by the fact that someone is burning Willows, so Cotton and Silk set off to stop whoever is doing such evil things!

In 1994, Panorama Cotton raised the bar for what’s possible on the Mega Drive/Genesis consoles. The game’s more colorful pallet makes every stage a treat to look at and fly through!

Written Review:

I was provided a review copy of both games in order to make this review.
Read more about how I do my game reviews here:

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  1. Cotton 100% is a port of the 1994 SNES shoot em up.
    Shame its a port and nothing else has been updated.
    Same goes with Panorama, it was a Genesis exclusive.

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